CdrtoolsFE is a windows and linux front end for cdrtools, cdrecord, readcd, and mkisofs. We may add support for the other tools but probaly not. These tools are written in .NET. It currently work fine under windows, the versions we are going to make to run under mono (linux jit complier & libraries) will need some work though. Basically the goal of this project is to make free easy tools to burn files to cd, copy cd's, and burn cd's. If you wondering if these tools are any good, I have backed up SafeDisc protected games (POPSOT) Many thanks to the developers of cdtools/cdrecord you rock! As for dvd support, the reading will work but writing is up in the air.

Notes: You need .NET 1.1 to run this app on win32 get it here.

6/27/04 -- Added support for cdrecord pretty basic at the moment, just write iso's and blank cdrws

6/1/04 – v0.2.1613.21062 Released - Fixed bug in readcdFE where it would do the opposite of what your wanted on TOC scan and fixed abort button.

5/29/04 – v0.2.1610.331 of cdrtoolsFE was released today! Support for mkisofs and readcd are well underway, there are many options for readcd, and a few for mkisofs. Todo is add support for the plethora of options for mkisofs, and support for cdrecord which is totally absent at this point. CdrtoolsFE is now functional enough to create iso file systems reliably either from a CD or from a directory on a hard drive.

5/25/04 – v0.1 This is an alpha version of mkisofsFE, later this project will be combined with cdrtoolsFE

I take no responisibility for anything that happens to your computer because of anything I did, period. Use these tools at your own risk! This is freeware, I make it as well as I can, (well most of the time), but I don't pretend to be perfect, some freak thing could happen and ruin your computer, it's never happened but it could. Anyway use at your own risk!

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